Upgrading biogas to bio LNG

oktober 31, 2014|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Upgrading biogas to bio LNG

[tagline_box  title="Speed read" description=" Biogas contains about 50 per cent of carbon dioxide; Rapid expansion cools biogas below the condensation point of carbon dioxide; A rotational particle separator separates methane gas from the liquified carbon [...]

Is there a future for science journalism

februari 27, 2014|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Is there a future for science journalism

Blog door Joost van Kasteren A few weeks ago my wife, who does the bookkeeping, told me matter-of-factly that my turnover in 2013 was about half of what it had been the year before. Only [...]

Making Rio work

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PREFACE Much has changed since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Millions of people, mainly in Asia and Latin America, have escaped the poverty trap and now dare to look to the [...]

Bad science reporting

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The late news shows a reporter in front of two freight wagons containing ethanol with flames bursting from them. I quote: ‘Ethanol seems to be a kind of alcohol that is used in the chemical [...]